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Founded in 1984, but drawing on a thirty years’ experience in the sector, Eco Elettrocomponenti Srl specialises in the design and production of components for lighting attractions, offering products without compromises, in terms of design, materials and finishing.

The first products, and still today the most highly valued and popular, are the E14 and E10 cabochons. They stand out for our characteristic star-shaped design, the high degree of brightness and for their superior reliability due both to a particularly robust construction and to the safety inherent in longer threads which avoid coming loose.

The lampholders also stand out for their technical excellence: safety, reliability and speed of assembly are the most important characteristics. All our lampholders are certified according to EEC standards, in particular art. 308, by virtue of the extreme safety of the electrical connection; it is possible to assemble extremely quickly, leading to substantial savings in time and money.

More recently we have introduced numerous new products in order to meet new requirements on the market. The Extraplat cabochons are ideal for small carousels, figures and kiddie rides; in general, wherever there is need of a light at a low height which does not interfere with the figure’s outline. The Magic cabochon is also an excellent choice for this type of attraction.

In the last few years we have taken steps in a completely new direction: a complete series of die-cast aluminium spotlights with a chromium-plated finish: Halo Spot, Halo Dicro, Halo Dicro Compact and Dicrosint 35 and 50. These products offer an extremely high luminosity yield and a level of finish never seen before. Moreover we also offer a wide range of stroboscopic lights and electronic cards for controlling lights. 

Our objective is to offer a complete range of products for the manufacturer’s and user’s every need. To achieve this we listen to and collaborate with our customers, and then develop our products applying our expertise and creativity: only in this way can our products be the most appropriate response to the needs of modern attractions.

For any information, please contact us at the following numbers:

tel. +39 0522 513003
fax. +39 0522 511082

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